ISAIAH 58:10

And you offer your compassion to the hungry and satisfy the famished creature. ISAIAH 58:10 (The Israel Bible™)

The Prophet Isaiah speaks to the children of Israel and urges them to live a more moral life in which they take responsibility for the downtrodden and needy within their communities. Despite the bleak times during which Isaiah makes his prophecies, he always speaks of a brighter future in which the people merit to return to the Land of Israel and live peacefully. The images described in Isaiah remain a focus of Israel’s consciousness. Although the prophecy of the Jewish return to the Land of Israel is being fulfilled, many of God’s children living in the land are living in poverty. According to Israel’s Bureau of Statistics, 1 in 5 Israeli children is living in poverty and does not have enough food to eat. As the Prophet Isaiah reminds us in the above verse, it is our Biblical responsibility to feed the poor.

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