Netanyahu: Police Recommendations For Indictment Are ‘Unfounded’ And ‘Outrageous’

For Hashem will vindicate His people And take revenge for His servants, When He sees that their might is gone, And neither bond nor free is left. Deuteronomy 32:36 (The Israel Bible™)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected police recommendations that he be indicted on corruption charges, calling them “unfounded” and “outrageous,” in an address to the public on Tuesday.  

“It is impossible to break free from the impression that the (police recommendations) were influenced by the unfounded feelings of interrogators that I acted against him,” Netanyahu said. “The investigation simply could not have been ‘objective.’”

The police recommended to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit that Netanyahu be prosecuted in Case 1000 for receiving illicit gifts from various businessmen and billionaires such as Israeli-born Hollywood producer, Arnon Milchan. The other corruption case the police recommended an indictment for is Case 2000 in which Netanyahu is accused of an alleged quid-pro-quo agreement with Arnon Mozes, the publisher of Yedioth Ahronoth.

Netanyahu said that such accusations against him were nothing new for him.

“Since I was elected prime minister, there was hardly a single day in which I was not subjected to slander and false claims,” he added. “Over these years there have been no less than 15 investigations against me with the goal of bringing me down.”

“They all began with explosive headlines, live broadcasts from the studios, and some of them even with noisy police recommendations, just like today,” he continued. “All these attempts ended with nothing, because I know the truth. I tell you, these too will end with nothing.”

Moreover, Netanyahu noted that only the Attorney General makes the final decision on whether to indict.

“Israel is a state of law, and according to the law, the police do not determine and decide, but only the authorized legal bodies,” he stressed. “I am not saying this defiantly, but as a basic fact of our democracy.”  

The prime minister’s comments were echoed by his coalition partner and Finance Minister, Moshe Kahlon, the chairman of the Kulanu party.

“The law states that only the attorney general can make decisions regarding filing or not filing an indictment,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Netanyahu said that in the end, he will be completely vindicated.

“I am sure that the truth will come to light, and I am certain that in the next elections that will take place on time, I will regain your faith with God’s help.”

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