Israel Targets ‘Underground Infrastructure’ in Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire

“O Hashem, arrogant men have risen against me; a band of ruthless men seek my life; they are not mindful of You.” Psalms 86:14 (The Israel Bible™)

The Israel Air Force launched strikes against underground targets in the Gaza Strip on Sunday night after a rocket fired from Gaza landed in the nearby Israeli region of Sha’ar Hanegev.

“A short while ago, in response to the rocket that was launched at Israel earlier today, IAF fighter jets targeted underground infrastructure in the southern Gaza Strip,” an IDF Spokesperson stated.

The targeting of “underground infrastructure” has primarily included repeated strikes on a network of underground terror tunnels infiltrating undersurface into Israel.

Repeating its warnings made the day before, the IDF spokesperson stressed, “Hamas is responsible for everything happening in the Gaza Strip, above and below ground.”

“The IDF will continue to act in order to ensure the security of Israel civilians,” the spokesperson added.

The IDF had launched strikes against 18 targets in the Gaza Strip over Saturday night after 4 soldiers were injured from an explosive device attached to a flag at the Gaza border fence. As per the norm, Israel held Hamas responsible for all terror activity emanating from the Gaza Strip.

US Mideast Envoy Lashes Out at Hamas

US President Donald Trump’s Middle East envoy, Jason Greenblatt took to Twitter to condemn Hamas for the acts of terrorism emanating from Gaza over the last couple of days.

“Hamas hides improvised explosive device to attack Israeli soldiers & is shooting rockets at Israel again,” Greenblatt wrote. “Such cowardly acts will only escalate violence, not build the prosperous society the people of Gaza deserve!”


Greenblatt’s statement on Sunday was posted several weeks after writing a series of tweets in which he blamed Hamas for “wasting resources” on terrorist infrastructure instead of investing in the lives of people in Gaza.


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