Guatemala to Receive Highest Award For Truth-Telling on Israel

“Happy is the man who has not followed the counsel of the wicked, or taken the path of sinners, or joined the company of the insolent.” Psalms 1:1 (The Israel Bible™)

The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), the world’s oldest and largest Middle East media monitoring organization, announced that it will give its highest honor—the Emet Award—to the republic of Guatemala in recognition of its longstanding and courageous support of Israel.

Ambassador of Guatemala to the United States Manuel Alfredo Espina Pinto will receive the award on behalf of his nation at CAMERA’s annual gala on May 6 in New York City.

Said Espina: “We are honored to receive CAMERA’s Emet Award, an award that stands for telling the truth and standing by principles.”
Emet is the Hebrew word for “truth.”

The award, which honors those who tell the truth about the State of Israel, has been given to many distinguished individuals over CAMERA’s nearly 40-year history, including Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, Harvard University Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, Italian journalist Fiamma Nirenstein, former Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar and human-rights champion Natan Sharansky. Last year, the award went to former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“This is the first time that we have given the award to a nation,” said Andrea Levin, CAMERA’s executive director. “And Guatemala certainly deserves it, having been singularly brave and truthful on the world stage.”

Last year, Guatemala’s president announced that the Central American country would move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, becoming the first nation to follow the lead of the United States.

“Guatemala’s recognition of Israel’s capital wasn’t the first time the country won an honored place in the history and hearts of the Jewish people,” said Masha Gabriel, director of CAMERA’s Spanish language department. “Friendship between Israel and Guatemala goes back to 1947, when the Guatemalan ambassador to the U.N. was a key figure in the adoption of the resolution that led to the establishment of the modern State of Israel.”

“The decision to give the Emet Award to the Guatemalans is an expression of gratitude, not only from CAMERA but from the entire Jewish people,” said Marcelo Wio, a senior research analyst for CAMERA’s Spanish-language department. “In over 4,000 years of history, the Jews have had many enemies, but it’s wonderful to celebrate a people who are brave friends, willing to stand up and speak truth to the world.”

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