Palestinians Detonate Bomb Next to IDF Bulldozer in Gaza

“Through You we gore our foes; by Your name we trample our adversaries.” Psalms 44:6 (The Israel Bible™)

An Israeli military construction vehicle next to the security fence in northern Gaza was the target of an attempted bombing by Palestinians. No injuries or damage were reported.

Israel responded by striking Hamas terror targets in Gaza with tank fire, according to an army statement.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, an improvised explosive device was planted by a protester next to an IDF bulldozer on the Gaza side of the fence in a secure perimeter controlled by Israel. Israel is known to send bulldozers into this buffer zone in order to clear the area of brush and other debris.

The Gaza security fence has been the site of a serious uptick in tensions between Israel and Hamas, with “March of Return” riots initiated by Hamas garnering the attendance of tens of thousands of Gazans, many of whom have attempted to attack the fence and IDF guards with Molotov cocktails, stones, burning tires and even live fire.

In February, four IDF soldiers were wounded when a bomb fashioned to look like a flag pole and affixed to the security fence during a mass protest was detonated during a security patrol.

Defense analysts say the riots are a new ploy by Hamas to utilize the confusion and havoc of riots to conduct terror operations.

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