PODCAST: Unintelligent Design?

“It is good to praise Hashem, to sing hymns to Your name, O Most High, to proclaim Your steadfast love at daybreak, Your faithfulness each night.” Psalms 92:2-3 (The Israel Bible™)

How can there be both free will and Divine providence? If Divine providence is everywhere and all the time, does everything have meaning or nothing at all? When doesn’t God care about you? Could unintelligent design be better for God? What is the role of chaos in creativity? What is the meaning of existence anyway?

With those questions driving “Unintelligent Design” in Episode 17 of the Holy Madness, what could go wrong? Tzvi had a migraine, but Meir-Simchah had “dragon energy!”

Underlying much of the discussion is a question about how people’s ideas relate to what they find to be comfortable.

On the way, we call back to episode 8, “The Pursuit of Happiness” and episode 9,“Betting Against Pascal”. We also talk faith in football, Joel Osteen (please share this episode with anyone you know who follows him), real-time reward and punishment, what type of Jew Meir-Simchah is and when the Angel of Death makes mistakes.

We are not sure how many sacred cows were harmed in the production of this episode, but we look forward to comments and critiques.

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