“Comfort, oh comfort My people, Says your God” ISAIAH 40:1 (The Israel Bible™)

The above verse refers to Hashem (God) comforting the Children of Israel following the destruction of the first and second Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temples). Thousands of years after Isaiah spoke these words, they continue to provide comfort and hope to the Children of Israel. In times of sorrow, the Jewish People seek comfort in the Torah (Bible) and in Hashem’s promise of the ultimate redemption. Today is Memorial Day for Israel’s fallen soldiers and terror victims. 23,645 soldiers have been killed defending the Land and the People of Israel since 1860. On this day, the People of Israel come together to remember the brave men and women who fell fighting for the Jewish dream of establishing a home in the Land of Israel. Isaiah’s words are no less appropriate today than they were when they were spoken for the first time. May Hashem comfort the families and loved ones of Israel’s fallen soldiers and usher in the redemption speedily in our days. In the picture above, a soldier is carried to his final resting place at the military cemetery in Jerusalem.

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