PSALMS 126:1

“A song of ascents. When Hashem restores the fortunes of Tzion —we see it as in a dream” PSALMS 126:1 (The Israel Bible™)

Psalm 126 speaks of Tzion (Zion), one of the Bible’s names for Yerushalayim. This name is related to the word m’tzuyan, special. Hashem’s (God) holy city is more than a location. Hashem created a special place on earth which is primed for spiritual growth. The word Tzion describes not only where we live, but how we must life. Psalm 126 describes the Jewish People’s eternal longing for physical redemption and spiritual greatness in Tzion. When Hashem finally returns His people to Israel, they will be “as in a dream” as the redemption will be even greater than one can even imagine. Today is Israel’s 70 birthday! Hashem has returned His people to their land, and Tzion is once again the spiritual and physical capital of the Jewish People. This amazing day is celebrated across the country with fireworks (pictured above over the Knesset), family celebrations, and independence day parties.

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