Two Explosive Devices Defused in Hebron

“For it was Hashem’s doing to stiffen their hearts to give battle to Yisrael, in order that they might be proscribed without quarter and wiped out, as Hashem had commanded Moshe.” Joshua 11:20 (The Israel Bible™)

IDF Border Patrol defused two improvised explosive devices (IED) near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron on Friday. One device was found in the courtyard of a home and a pipe bomb was found near an IDF checkpoint. Both explosives were disarmed by sappers.

An explosive was thrown at IDF troops in Hebron on Tuesday. The device did not explode and the terrorist fled. On Thursday, a terrorist threw an explosive device at IDF troops but the device landed in the courtyard of an adjacent house. The terrorist fled. No injuries occurred as a result of the incidents.

Earlier in the month, an IED constructed of two small gas canisters was defused near the Cave of the Patriarchs. The device was neutralized in a controlled explosion by army sappers.

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