“Like the birds that fly, even so will God of Hosts shield Yerushalayim, shielding and saving, protecting and rescuing” ISAIAH 31:5 (The Israel Bible™)

Throughout the Bible, Hashem (God) is compared to a bird shielding His young. One of the more common birds mentioned in the Bible is the eagle. Eagles, who fly higher in the sky than other birds, carry their young on their backs rather than dangling down from their claws. Since eagles fly higher than other birds, they do not fear other flying predators. An eagle’s only concern is hunters who may shoot at it’s young from below, and so it uses its own body as a shield for its children. Hashem continues to protect His children from the sky using the Israeli Air Force as His holy agent in this mission. Israel is known for its powerful air force which protects and defends the People and the Land of Israel.