IDF Releases Video Simulation Of Life In Gaza Without Terrorism

“Thus said Hashem: For three transgressions of Azza, For four, I will not revoke it: Because they exiled an entire population, Which they delivered to Edom.” Amos 1:6 (The Israel Bible™)

The IDF Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT)  released a video on it’s Arabic language Facebook page, portraying what could Gaza could look like should Hamas agree to demilitarize and abandon terrorism against Israel. In the video, which is directed to the people of Gaza, COGAT proclaims that, should Hamas abandon its current policies, Gaza could become a hub for tourism, trade and industry.

“If Hamas were to lay down its weapons, return the missing and captured Israelis, instead of high percentages of unemployment, [Gaza’s] economy would develop, and jobs would be created,” the video states, “Instead of destroyed houses, new buildings would be built, instead of border crossings being closed for security reasons, the crossings would be open 365 days a year to people and goods…”