Iranian Missiles Intended for Hamas Discovered in ISIS Warehouse in Sinai

“Add that to their guilt; let them have no share of Your beneficence.” Psalms 69:28 (The Israel Bible™)

It was reported that Egyptian security forces discovered a warehouse in the Sinai belonging to Islamic State (ISIS) full advanced missiles that originated in Iran and were intended for Hamas to use against Israel.

An Egyptian security source told Al-Jareeda news that the shipment of arms was prevented from being delivered after ISIS forces in the Sinai recently cut off ties with Hamas in Gaza. The arsenal included 9M133 Kornets, modern Russian man-portable anti-tank laser-guided missiles, and other GPS-guided missiles.

“Such missiles can be used to kill our soldiers,” the Egyptian official said to Al-Jareeda. “Kornet missiles are supposed to remain at the warehouses of their home countries and not in the hands of terrorist organizations that are fighting against us in Sinai.”

A Kornet missile fired at a bus on the Israeli side of the border with Gaza two weeks ago severely injuring one IDF soldier. Dozens of soldiers had debarked from the bus just moments before it was struck. The attack on the bus was the opening shot on a two-day barrage of almost 500 missiles fired from Gaza at Israel. Hamas fired a Kornet missile at a school bus near Sderot in 2011, killing a student and injuring the driver.

Iran has also provided Kornet missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon which were used to devastating effect against the IDF in 2006.

The missiles also pose a threat to Egypt which is currently waging a war in the Sinai Peninsula against ISIS-affiliated Islamists. The Egyptian military announced in October that it had killed more than 450 jihadists since the start of the Sinai operation, with approximately 30 soldiers being killed by the terrorists.

Egypt confiscated the equipment.

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