10,000 Gazans Riot On Border; Israel Says Elections Won’t Stop Military Response

“I will send down fire upon the wall of Azza, And it shall devour its fortresses;” Amos 1:7 (The Israel Bible™)

On Friday, 10,000 Gazans threatened to cross the security fence into Israel, burning tires and hurling incendiary and explosive devices at IDF troops.  The IDF responded with crowd control measures including rubber bullets and tear gas. This is the 45th consecutive week of rioting as part of the March of Return riots.

The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza said 23 protesters were injured by live fire and a female paramedic was hit in the face with a tear gas canister.

Last week, an IDF officer was injured when a sniper firing from Gaza hit him in the helmet.

On Sunday morning, the IDF intercepted five men from Gaza who infiltrated the security fence. The unarmed men were arrested and turned over to the Shin Bet for questioning.

Israeli media reported that the government transmitted a message to Hamas via mediators that continued violence along the borders would result in a large-scale military response. The message from the Israeli government warned that the upcoming elections to be held on April 9 would not prevent a military campaign.

“Israel can make tough decisions during elections and is not afraid of a military campaign,” Israel said in the message sent on Thursday.

On Saturday, Egypt reportedly agreed to permanently reopen the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip if Hamas restrains clashes with Israeli troops. The crossing was closed several weeks ago. Hamas has yet to respond.