“But be most resolute to observe faithfully all that is written in the Book of the Teaching of Moshe, without ever deviating from it to the right or to the left” JOSHUA 23:6 (The Israel Bible™)

Throughout the Book of Joshua, the instructions to be “strong” and “resolute” are delivered repeatedly, both to Joshua himself and the Children of Israel as a whole. Significantly, this command applies both to spiritual tasks, such as the exhortation in this verse to observe the entire Torah (Bible) of Moshe (Moses), and to physical tasks such as fighting battles to conquer the Land of Israel. A complete national life requires both spiritual and physical fortitude. In today’s Israeli army, many soldiers exemplify this devotion to both Torah study and military service by enlisting in the Hesder program that combines high level Torah study with mandatory army service. The students and graduates of these academies are exemplary soldiers as well as scholars, thereby serving as role models for all.

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