Body of American Tourist Recovered From Eilat Mountain Trail

“And the dust returns to the ground As it was, And the lifebreath returns to Hashem Who bestowed it.” Ecclesiastes 12:7 (The Israel Bible™)

The body of a 20-year-old American tourist was recovered on Sunday after he went missing the day before while hiking a difficult mountains trail near Eilat.

Israeli police began searching for the tourist when he failed to return from his hike to Mount Shlomo on Saturday. The trail is about 7 miles northwest of the city and is described online as a “challenging climb with breathtaking views.” Sections of the trail require holding onto metal bars embedded in the rock.

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The body was discovered in a ravine several hundred meters deep and was airlifted out by an IDF helicopter belonging to the 669 search and rescue unit.

Police opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death, although no foul play is suspected. The initial indication is that the man slipped and fell down a steep rock face while hiking the trail.

The man’s identity was withheld from the media though his family has been informed.