Report: Trump Peace Plan Proposes Resettling Million Palestinians in Jordan, No Two-State Solution

“I will gather all the nations And bring them down to the Valley of Yehoshafat. There I will contend with them Over My very own people, Yisrael, Which they scattered among the nations. For they divided My land among themselves,” Joel 4:2 (The Israel Bible™)

A report in Arab media stated the President Trump’s long-awaited Middle-East Peace plan includes resettling up to one million Palestinians in Jordan in exchange for $45 billion in development projects.

Al-Akbar, an Arabic-language news service based in Beirut, reported on Friday that Jordanian  King Abdullah II agreed to the condition during his last visit to Washington. In addition, Israel would reacquire land in Tzofar, a town in the Arava desert, and Naharayim, where Jordan conquered in 1948 the Island of Peace and a hydroelectric power-plant that belonged to Israel. Israel currently leases the land however it is officially part of Jordan. Jordan would receive an equivalent amount of land from Saudi Arabia. Jordan will retain a supervisory status over the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.

Jordan will also assimilate one million Palestinians from Israel in exchange for $45 billion in investments from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. For comparison, Jordan’s entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is only $40 billion. The absorption of the new Palestinian citizens will take place in stages, the first stage composed of approximately 300,000 people.

According to the report in Al-Akhbar, King Abdullah told Egyptian officials that the American plan is for a confederation of the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and the Israeli Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria.

The report also said that Egypt will permit Palestinians free entry via the Rafah crossing, to work legally in industrial zones in Egypt, and to pursue a track to Egyptian citizenship. Egypt would be compensated with $65 billion of projects in the northern Sinai.

Lebanon will award citizenship to the approximately 450,000 Palestinian refugees and their descendants in their country on condition they do not seek a return to Israel.

The plan significantly does not provide for establishing a Palestinian state inside the borders of Israel.

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