Did Hamas/PIJ Really Beat the Iron Dome?

“O break the power of the wicked and evil man, so that when You look for his wickedness You will find it no more.” Psalms 10:15 (The Israel Bible™)

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are claiming that in last week’s rocket attack against Israel, they succeeded in beating Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome missile protection system.

Abu Obeida, a spokesman for Hamas’s Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, made a social media post claiming that the sheer quantity of rockets fired by the terrorist groups at Israel overwhelmed the Iron Dome system.

‘The Qassam Brigades, thanks to God, succeeded in overcoming the so-called Iron Dome by adopting the tactic of firing dozens of missiles in one single burst,” Obeida claimed. “The high intensity of fire and the great destructive ability of the missiles that were introduced by the Qassam [Brigades]… succeeded in causing great losses and destruction to the enemy.”

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“The resistance managed to deter the IDF,” said Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesman for Hamas, according to the Kan public broadcaster, “The resistance managed to deter the IDF,” said Sami Abu Zuhri, according to the Kan public broadcaster,

A total of approximately 690 rockets were fired at Israel in under 41 hours. In one clear case of high-density rocket fire, a 60-rocket triple volley was fired at Ashkelon and Ashdod in one minute on Sunday.

For comparison, ruing the two months of the 2014  Operation Protective Edge, more than 4,500 projectiles were fired at Israel. At the time, the Israel Defense Forces said that the Iron Dome intercepted 90 percent of the rockets within their coverage zones

Three Israelis were killed by rocket fire and one, Moshe Feder, was killed by an anti-tank guided missile fired at his car as he drove on a road near the Gaza border. In total, 35 rockets and mortars landed in Israeli populated areas. The Iron Dome intercepted 240 projectiles, giving it an 86 percent success rate.

Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry said 29 Palestinians were killed by Israeli strikes. Two pregnant women and a baby were killed by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket that landed inside Gaza. At least 11 of the Palestinian casualties were claimed by the terrorist groups as active members.

Maj. Tom Scott, one of the commanders of an Iron Dome battery in southern Israel, told Times of Israel that the Iron Dome’s radars also successfully spotted every rocket and mortar launch, which ensured that Israelis were warned of incoming projectiles ahead of time by sirens.

The terrorist groups utilized new types of rockets in their attacks, including a short-range rocket packed with massive amounts of explosives and the Badr 3, a long-range rocket with 250 kilograms of explosives.

The massive number of rockets readily available to the terrorist groups underscores the need for Israel to maintain control over the entry of material into Gaza.