Missiles Fired at Golan; Israel Retaliates

“For before the boy learns to call ‘Father’ and ‘Mother,’ the wealth of Damascus and the spoils of Shomron, and the delights of Rezin and of the son of Remaliah,* shall be carried off before the king of Assyria.” Isaiah 8:4 (The Israel Bible™)

Two rockets were fired at Mount Hermon in the Israeli Golan Heights on Saturday night. The IDF ascertained that there were no significant military engagements inside Syria leading to the conclusion that the missile-fire was intentional and not a case of spillover from internal hostilities in Syria. The rockets appeared to have been fired from approximately 40 kilometers away from an area near Damascus.

One of the rockets struck an unpopulated area near a military outpost on Mount Hermon, while the other landed in Syria. No sirens were activated and there was no interception of the rockets. No injuries or damage in Israel were reported.

The IDF planes and helicopters struck a number of targets in response at around 4;10 am, including two artillery batteries, a number of observation posts near the border, and an air defense battery.  Syrian media reported that Israel also struck several targets connected to Iran and its proxy militias in Syria, in the area of al-Kiswah, south of Damascus. These strikes reportedly targeted weapons caches and a military training facility.

Syrian state media reported that three Syrian soldiers were killed and seven wounded in Israeli strikes.

Last Monday, the IDF struck a Syrian military position near Quneitra in Syria after an anti-aircraft missile was launched at an IAF fighter jet flying in Israeli territory. According to reports, the Israeli strike killed a Syrian officer and soldier and damaged a military vehicle.