Trump: ‘Always a Chance’ of Military Action Regarding Iran, But ‘I’d Rather not’

Pay them according to their deeds, their malicious acts; according to their handiwork pay them, give them their deserts.” Psalms 28:4 (The Israel Bible™)

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that there’s “always a chance” the United States could use military force against Iran, tough he added that he’d “rather not.”

“Iran is a place that was extremely hostile when I first came into office,” he said to British television station ITV. “They were a terrorist nation—No. 1 in the world at that time and probably maybe are today.”

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Regarding Washington using military force against Tehran, the president said that “there is always a chance. Do I want to? No, I’d rather not. But there’s always a chance.” Later, he added, “I would much rather talk.”

However, such overtures by the Trump administration have been rejected by the Islamic Republic.

“To the Islamic Republic of Iran, a word-play … is not a criterion for action; rather, the criterion is a change in Washington’s general approach and actual behavior towards the Iranian nation,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi this week, as reported Iranian state media.

Last week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, “Today’s situation is not suitable for talks, and our choice is resistance only.”