Recent Interviews on CAIR’s Triumph Over the US Army War College

Last week I appeared on over a dozen video and radio interviews — including CBN News, Newsmax, the Eric Metaxas Show, i24 News, the Paul Edwards Program, the Bill Martinez Show, and Colliding Worldviews — regarding the US Army War College’s recent capitulation to CAIR.

Concerning this debacle, Allen West has correctly observed: “My Army has just emboldened and encouraged the enemy, and they are laughing at us.”

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A few of the currently available radio interviews follow:

Five in Ten, with Derek Gilbert, Sky News”: “Army War College Caves to Muslim Activists.”

The Ken Matthews Show“: “Sword and Scimitar is the best book I have ever read on Islamic history.”

Secure Freedom Radio, with Frank Gaffney“: “War College cancels Historian after pressure from CAIR and Linda Sarsour.”

Al Kresta in the Afternoon, Ava Marie Radio” (starts around minute 4).

Janet Mefferd Today” (starts around the 25 minute mark).

Reprinted with author’s permission from Raymond Ibrahim