“Enemy” Village Pops Up in Samaria

the herdsmen of Gerar quarreled with Yitzchak‘s herdsmen, saying, “The water is ours.” Genesis 26:20 (The Israel Bible™)

A new Arab village sprang up next to the Jewish Israeli towns of Amichai and Adei Ad in the Gush of Shilo area of Samaria. Although it is technically in area B, It is still controlled by the eIDF and therefore, they have the right to halt construction on grounds that it endangers the security of the area as the residents claim. Residents of the area complain that the hostile village is dangerously close to the Israeli towns of Amichai and Adei Ad in the Binyamin region Kol Hayehudi reports.

It was revealed on Tuesday that an Arab businessman from Ramallah bought land adjacent to the settlement towns of Amichai and Adi in the Gush Shilo region and began massive groundwork on the new town. According to their plans, they intend on building a new village with 130 housing units.

The region’s security officials say that since the area is under IDF military control, the Central Command has the option of blocking the construction on security grounds.

Simultaneously, the security officials asked the Binyamin Regional Council to try to find a solution via political connections, while applying pressure to the council’s chief.

“The Council considers the construction in question very grave. This is a project that poses a security threat to the settlements in the Shilo bloc, and therefore the Council will compel the defense establishment and the government, with all means necessary, to stop the construction at once “they said.

Yesterday afternoon, dozens of residents of the area trekked to the new Arab village to demonstrate. The residents do not recognize the distinction between areas A, B or C. “Giving away parts of the Land of Israel to the Arabs breaks our hearts,” residents said. “Any such surrender is part of a much bigger initiative by Arabs to take over the territories of the Land of Israel.”