Right After IDF Discovers Tunnel, Hamas Prepares for War with Israel with Surprise Gaza-Wide Drill

A time for war Ecclesiastes 3:8 (The Israel Bible™)

The entire Gaza Strip went into war mode on Tuesday following a large scale drill that included the closing of checkpoints as well as the prohibition of fishermen from entering the sea. The terrorist organization celebrated their performance in the 2014 war against Israel, saying that they haven’t stopped preparing for future conflicts.

All members of the coastal enclave’s military apparatus participated in the exercise Ynet reports. 

During the exercise, all checkpoints connecting to Israel were closed and fishermen were prohibited from entering the Mediterranean Sea.

The drill was designed for a large-scale conflict inside the Gaza Strip. 

According to the joint operations unit for all Gaza organizations, the drill was a total success.

The chief of the Gaza fishermen’s union told Ynet that the Interior Ministry in Gaza had prohibited fishermen from the Mediterranean sea. He added that the fishing ban was enforced until further notice.

The drill was launched one day following Israel’s announcement of the discovery of another terror tunnel that was dug into its territory from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit explained that the tunnel, which originated from the southern region of Gaza, was discovered on the Israeli side of the border while (the Defense Ministry was) constructing a subterranean barrier designed to prevent more tunnel digging from taking place.

The tunnel was located in an area where other terror tunnels have been unearthed over the last two decades.

As of now, it seems as though this is an older tunnel, and not one that was dug recently. 

Last month, BIN reported on the increase in fire balloons emanating from Gaza despite the “ceasefire” and the cutting of its fuel supply.