Hamas Terrorist Mysteriously Dies in Israeli Holding Cell

His breath departs; he returns to the dust; on that day his plans come to nothing (Pslams 146:4)

A Hamas terrorist who was being detained in an Israeli Prisoner Service holding cell on suspicion of enemy activity against the state of Israel has been found dead inside his holding cell reports Israeli news site 0404.

Resuscitation efforts were made after following his death. However, they were unsuccessful. The jail’s doctor pronounced his death.

In May, the PA run Maan news agency reported that two Palestinian Arab terrorists that are being held in administrative detention, finished 41 days of their hunger strike. The prisoners protestied their unfair detention.

Last month, Breaking Israel News reported that several Arab terrorist prisoners who were serving in the Ashkelon prison on Israel’s southern coast staged a hunger strike. Arab NGO, Anadolu Agency, claimed that they’re demanding improved living conditions in their jail.

The Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS) reported that Odeh Haroub, a 32-year-old man from the Deir Samet village in the southwestern Hebron Hills, and Hasan Awawi, a 35-year-old father of three, also from the Hebron area, have engaged in a hunger strike for 41 days demanding freedom from their administrative detention.
The Palestine Prisoner’s Society claimed that the Israel Prison Service (IPS) attempted to end Haroub and Awawi’s hunger strike by transporting them from one prison to a different one. They did this in the hope of encouraging them to end their strike in a prison with better conditions.
PPS added that the two terrorists have been suffered from severe headaches, low visibility, and vomiting due to their hunger strike.
The Israeli Prisons Service was not available to comment.