PSALMS 27:14

“Look to Hashem; be strong and of good courage! O look to Hashem!” PSALMS 27:14 (The Israel Bible™)

In this psalm, which Jews recite each day during the Hebrew month of Elul, immediately prior to the High Holidays and the Ten Days of Repentance, King David serves as a model of faith. Despite terrible enemies and feelings of abandonment, he never gives up hope in the Lord. Instead, he longs for a time when he will dwell permanently in the house of Hashem and behold his graciousness (verse 4), and instructs his readers to maintain similar hope and faith in God, and wait for His salvation (verse 14). The People of Israel have always taken this exhortation seriously, and though they waited a long time for Him, they never gave up their hope and trust in the Lord. Prime Minister Menachem Begin once said about the return of the Jews to Israel: “The miracle of Return was accompanied by the miracle of Revival. Within a generation there developed within the Jewish people the strength to take up arms, to rise against alien rule, to throw off the yoke of oppression. How long, how endless were the years of exile, of humiliation and destruction. And how short, in comparison, were the years of revival, reinvigoration and armed uprising. History has no parallels in its record!” They waited faithfully for Him, and in our generation, He has brought them home.