‘Western Wall Mini’ Vandalized with Antisemitic Graffiti

And as for this House, once so exalted, everyone passing by it shall be appalled and shall hiss. And when they ask, ‘Why did Hashem do thus to the land and to this House?’ (Kins 1 9:8)

“Slaughter the Jews was written in Arabic at the Kotel Hakatan (Small Western Wall) on Saturday. Jerusalem city council member Aryeh King called upon Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan to demand “an immediate and thorough investigation and to access all of the security cameras in the vicinity of the Kotal Hakatan.”

The graffiti was discovered by the Rabbi of the Heritage House, Rabbi Ben Packer. The ‘Western Wall Mini’, is a lesser-known extension of the iconic Western Wall. The Kotel Hakatan is located in the Muslim Quarter about 150 meters from the Western Wall plaza.

Our response as Jewish people is this – flock to the Kotel Hakatan (whose holiness is equal to the Western Wall, and it is even closer to the Holy of Holies that Jews can access 27/7).

Following his call, an Arab Muslim teenage girl was arrested in connection with the hate crime.

Following her arrest, King then turned to the Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion with a request (alongside police action) to deliver a hefty fine to the perpetrators and to sue her and her accomplices for the destruction of property.

Packer added: “An Arab girl has been arrested for this, but is it really her fault? The place looks like a dump. There is a trash can and trash everywhere. There is nothing signifying in any way that this is a Jewish holy site. There is no guard/attendant? The real culprits? Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall, Mayor of Jerusalem, Knesset, etc. I’d let the girl go and FIX THE SITUATION THERE PERMANENTLY!!!”

On Sunday, the Jerusalem Police arrived at the Kotel Hakatan to clean the graffiti with a pressure hose.

The Jerusalem Municipality has not responded to our request for comment.