Report: Iran About to Cave, Renegotiate Nuclear Deal

Among them shall be Persia, Nubia, and Put, everyone with shield and helmet Ezekiel 38:5 (The Israel Bible™)

Israeli Middle East expert, reporter, and insider Ehud Yaari explained in a piece on the Mako news site that neither side wants to see a war in the Persian Gulf. Yaari added that Tehran is feeling the crunch of international sanctions and will, therefore, renegotiate the current Nuclear Deal.

Yaari also said that “President Trump has already clarified his desire to avoid an all-out war several times and that it is not in his interest. As far as he’s concerned, oil exporters from the Gulf and their clients in Asia are the ones who need to secure shipping routes in the Strait of Hormuz. And although Iran threatens to respond with force, this is still a far cry from initiating a deterioration.”

“This is also true for Arab and European countries. Therefore, while a tit-for-tat may be taking place, an all-out war is unlikely” the commentator said.

Yaari adds that “although the Iranians are heating things up in the Persian Gulf while trying to put on a straight face underneath the weight of sanctions, they won’t bring things to a boiling point. The seizure of the British tanker, inside Oman’s territorial waters, is payback for the seizure of the Iranian tanker that was transporting oil to Syria in Gibraltar.”

Despite the fact that there will be negotiations over the release of the tankers, Yaarinotes that “it is important to remember that the wave of warnings against escalation eclipses what is actually happening which is the total opposite of escalation. Recently, the Iranians have been putting an end to Yemen’s missile attacks on Saudi Arabia. They have also ended the provocations of Shiite militias against the American presence in Iraq. Additionally, there are no signs (of imminent war) on the Golan Heights.”

“The American Lincoln aircraft carrier is still outside the Persian Gulf and the reinforcement of 500 troops to Saudi Arabia is not necessarily related to the current crisis. This is merely a symbolic withdrawal of Saudi King Salman from his country’s policy in recent years that denied an American military presence on the soil of Saudi Arabia” Yaari assesses.

“Both America and Iran know how to maintain open channels of communication via Switzerland, Iraq as well as Oman. They can exchange urgent messages to avoid misunderstandings. In the current status quo, nuclear sanctions will continue eroding the Iranian regime’s morale. Also, the European’s mechanism to circumvent sanctions won’t change significantly” the author adds.

“Iran knows it, and they are already heading in that direction. They will be forced to sit at the negotiating table to renegotiate the nuclear agreement from 2015. This is precisely what Trump wants. And in this regard, the Europeans support him” Yaasri explains.