Social Media Blocked in Turkey After Govt Refuses to Deny Erdogan Death from Heart Attack

Hashem said to Yehoshua, “Do not be afraid of them, for I will deliver them into your hands Joshua 10:8 (The Israel Bible™)

Philip Jennings, an Executive Board member of the UN Global Compact reports that “Erdogan” has shut down Twitter.

On Monday, rumors were floating around that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan suffered a heart attack and died.

The last time he posted on Facebook was on July 20 which coincides with the time he was reported to have suffered a heart attack and died.

As of July 20, Erdogan has not made any public appearances.

Today, he congratulated the UK’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his election to the post.

The Turkish government still hadn’t addressed those rumors as of Tuesday morning, so Erdogan’s death has neither been confirmed nor denied.

This lies in sharp contrast to April of 2016 when Erdogan was also rumored to have suffered a heart attack. However, unlike this time around, he immediately denied them saying “I was in a rush to attend a meeting hut that he is “safe and sound”.

Since July 20, there has been no confirmation of Erdogan being ‘safe and sound’ and no proof of life.

A congratulatory tweet was however sent from Erdogan’s Twitter account congratulating Johnson on becoming the new Prime Minister on the United Kingdom. saying: “I congratulate @BorisJohnson, who became the U.K.’s 77th prime minister, and wish him success in his new position,” “he” tweeted. “I believe Turkish-United Kingdom relations will develop further in this new era.”

Erdogan was born in 1954 and if he is alive, he would be 65-years-old.