Ramle: Father of 3 Executed Over Parking Spot Dispute

You shall not murder Exodus 20:13 (The Israel Bible™)

In a parking lot at a shopping mall in Ramle, Ofer Hasidi, a 40-year-old father of three was executed in cold blood after asking a couple why they were occupying two spots with their vehicle reports Ynet.

As Ofer Hasidi was waiting to park in a spot that opened up in a Ramle shopping mall, another vehicle pulled in taking up two spaces.

At this point, Ofer exited his car and asked the driver why they were taking up two spots. An argument ensued and the woman in the car said that will not move.

The woman then exited the vehicle and began hitting Ofer with his bag. Ofer pushed her away.

When that happened, the man who was in the vehicle shot Ofer in the lower body.

Still alive, Ofer said to Katan: “Why did you shoot me? What’s wrong with you?”. Katan then shot Ofir in the heart, killing him.

Two of Ofer’s three daughters are disabled – one with cerebral palsy and the other with muscular dystrophy.

“I don’t know how I can go on!” cried his widow, Dikla Hasidi. “He was an amazing husband,” she said in an emotional interview.

Following the shooting, the police arrested a 74-year-old Victor Katan for the murder. “The police arrived immediately, there were security guards, and I remember shaking and calling him ‘Ophir, Ophir, do you hear me? He simply didn’t respond” Dikla added.