Captured ISIS Fighter Begs Netanyahu to Come to Israel

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Saif Sharif Daoud, an Arab Israeli citizen who joined ISIS was taken as a prisoner of war in Syria during the fighting reports Ynet. Now, he has asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to return him to Israel. Daoud hails from the Israeli Arab village of Kfar Bara near the Jezreel Valley and left Israel to join ISIS in Syria2015. He is now being held by The Syrian Democratic Forces, (SDF),  an alliance in the Syrian Civil War composed primarily of Kurdish rebels.

In an interview with the Saudi news outlet Al-Arabiyeh, 29-year-old Daoud can be seen pleading for his return to the Holy land.

“I request that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – I am an Israeli citizen. And I know that you the prime minister of a democratic country. This country includes Arabs, Jews, and Druze. And all of the people here and soldiers here see how you are the one and only Israel and here your country is big and intimidating.  And I request that you return me to Israel. Here it is difficult. This prison is very tough for me” Doud pleaded.

In the interview, Daoud explained why he decided to join ISIS and what caused him to flee. He noted he joined the terrorist group after “his exposure to their suits. At the time, I became religious and it attracted me.” Daoud added that the publicity convinced him that “Islamic State” was a place of justice.

When asked “What role did the Mossad play in the process of entering Syria?”, Sayyaf responded that the Israeli intelligence organization had no role whatsoever. He added that his Israeli citizenship has always been a sticking point. “In ISIS, every time someone wanted to inform on someone else, he would claim that he was Israeli – and that’s it,” he said.