ISAIAH 61:10

“I greatly rejoice in Hashem, My whole being exults in my God. For He has clothed me with garments of triumph, Wrapped me in a robe of victory, Like a bridegroom adorned with a turban, Like a bride bedecked with her finery” ISAIAH 61:10 (The Israel Bible™)

Yeshayahu speaks in his own voice, rejoicing in Hashem’s goodness to His people. The salvation of the Jewish people, returned and dwelling safely in their own land, will be as visible as the fine jewels worn by a bridegroom and bride on their wedding day. In the meantime, while Har Habayit lies in ruin, the Jewish people observe a number of customs mourning the loss of the Beit Hamikdash. These include not wearing excessive amounts of jewelry and smashing a glass at Jewish wedding ceremonies, both as a reminder that the complete rebuilding of Yerushalayim and the Beit Hamikdash has yet to come.