Is Jordan’s King Lying about Netanyahu’s Request for a Meeting After Tomb of Aaron Incident?

But when Achav died, the king of Moab rebelled against the king of Yisrael (Kings 2 3:5)

In a story of he said/she said, Arab newspaper al-Quds al-Arab reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested a meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah on Saturday. The report also said that the King refused Netanyahu’s request.

A source inside the prime minister’s office denies the claim reports Haaretz.

The article was reported right after a video of Jewish worshippers in Aaron’s Tomb in Jordan went viral angering many in the Hashemite Kingdom. Following the incident, Jordan closed down the site for visitors.

A political insider told Breaking Israel News that there are two possible scenarios at play here: “One is that Netanyahu did indeed request a meeting with Abdullah to clarify the status of Jewish worship at Aaron’s Tomb. The other, more likely scenario is that Netanyahu never made the call and that Abdullah is fabricating it to save face after Jordan’s ‘humiliation’ at the site of Jews worshipping in Aaron’s Tomb on Mt. Hor” the source said.

“The sight of Israelis praying in Aaron’s Tomb near Petra, Jordan is a humiliation for the King and so the King likely fabricated the story of the requested meeting to avenge the humiliation” he added.

The report claimed that Netanyahu asked KingAbdullah to have a conversation over the phone and that the king rejected that offer as well.

According to the paper, a Jordanian source said that relations between the two countries are very rough due to the Israeli elections and stagnation of progress with US President Trump’s “Deal of the Century.”

Additionally, the report claimed that King Abdullah has no interest in participating in the Camp David Leaders Conference and does not wish to attend “just for photo-ops.” He does not think that any progress will be made there.

The article also claimed that Jordan hopes Trump will redirect his agenda in hopes that real progress will be made with regards to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.