‘Israel’s Deep-State’s War Against Netanyahu Claims their Latest Victim’

How can you say, “We are wise, And we possess the Instruction of Hashem”? Assuredly, for naught has the pen labored, For naught the scribes! Jeremiah 8:8 (The Israel Bible™)

“Most people don’t realize that like America, Israel has its own deep-state” explains political analyst Avi Levinger. “This deep-state has infected the most powerful branch of Israel’s government including the Judicial, Foreign ministry, Defense ministry, Education and even Israel’s state-run media. The latest example is Gal Hirsch” he said.

Hirch has been under investigation for the past four years but as soon as he joined Netanyahu’s party, the police recommended indicting him.

“The Israeli police are run by extreme left-wing activists who would like nothing more than to bring down Netanyahu’s government” Levinger added. Although it may sound like a conspiracy theory, it is actually the sentiments of a man named Boaz Gutman, a retired official in Israel’s police fraud investigation unit.

This is the same unit that investigated Prime Minister Netanyahu on various charges. According to an expose by the Israeli news site Mida, Gutman admitted that the Israeli police, more specifically the National Fraud unit, has a political vendetta against Netanyahu and the right in general. “Many senior police and prosecutors have a pathological hatred for the right-wing, and for Netanyahu in particular. For the most part, they belong to the school of thought that the right-wing government must be taken down along with the Prime Minister” Gutman said.

Gutman even recalls a time when he closed an investigation against Avigdor Liberman, another right-wing politician due to lack of evidence. When that happened, a more senior investigator chastized saying “because of you, the Labor party will not rise to power”.

Gutman goes on to list all of the trumped-up charges the deep-state within the police tried to pull against Netanyahu.  

During his tenure, Gutman provides a list of investigations that had to be closed due to lack of evidence. He names former head of investigations Sandu Mazur, who “rushed to indict Prime Minister Netanyahu. But in the end, the attorney general had to close the case.

He speaks of another investigation Amdi affair in 2000, which tried to nail Netanyahu for receiving gifts had to be closed. Despite the fact that there was no evidence to bring the investigation to trial, Miri Golan, who was then the head of the fraud unit simply ignored his findings and went directly to the media to release a statement saying that they are going to recommend an indictment against Netanyahu.

“There were many closed-door meetings between Israel’s mainstream media and top police officials for hours on end, which leaked intimate details of the investigation to the press. This enabled Israel’s media outlets like Channel 1 to accompany the investigators at the precise time that they would search for Netanyahu” Guttman said.

Gutman also recalls an instance where a journalist named Moshe Lichtman tried to blackmail him to leak information about highly sensitive cases.

Gutman also explains that the police’s agenda to bring down the right is two-fold: utilitarian and ideological. “In the police, the motive is more utilitarian,” he says. “Police officers like to be photographed and enjoy positive media exposure. The best way to achieve this is to please journalists. Every police officer knows what the holy grail for journalists is to witch hunt the Likud and right-wingers as well. If you start an investigation against right-wingers, you take on minimal risk; If the investigation is successful, you will be applauded. If you fail, no one will remember it and you will fall into obscurity (as far as the media goes). On the other hand, if you dare to examine criminal acts of leftists, you will be called a fascist and will be censored by the media. ”

Gutman also argues that “at the same time, there are the ideologues.

Those who are convinced that the right stole the country from them, and whose sole mission is to “restore an ornament”. There are several police officers who hold this view of the world, but it has mainly been controlled by the prosecutor’s office. Liora Galt-Berkowitz, who leaked sensitive data from late prime minister Ariel Sharon’s investigations, was an extreme example of the same school of thought. However, it represented the general mood there. The Prosecutor’s Office despises not only the right but also Netanyahu, who dares to win elections. ”

Gutman laments the “fact that there is a persecution of right-wingers for wrongdoing by means of straw-man investigations and the filing of baseless indictments”.

When asked if anything has changed since he was still on the job, Gutman replies: “Nothing changed. The fact that former investigations unit head Efraim Brachah leaked sensitive details of (the Prime Minister’s wife), Sarah Netanyahu’s wife for fraud and breach of trust.

“People aren’t idiots. The police are the same police. The elites are the same elites and the mainstream media are the same media” Gutman adds.

Is Gal Hirsch the latest sacrificial lamb of the media and their accomplices in the Police?

Gal Hirsch was a brigadier general who commanded the 91st Division of Israel Defense Forces during the 2006 Lebanon War. He as nominated in 2015 to serve as Israel’s next police commissioner. This would have made him Israel’s first police commissioner who came from outside of the police.

“The police did not like this idea one bit” explained political analyst Avi Levinger. It was, for this reason, they opened a straw-man investigation against him. Their message was loud and clear, any outsiders who get appointed to head the police will face the consequences of trumped-up charges”.

Following the announcement of Hirsch’s nomination, Israel’s Police Fraud unit opened an investigation against Hirsch for bribery and tax evasion. The investigation dragged on for four years.

However, less than a week after Hirsch joined Netanyahu’s Likud party, the police recommended indicting him.

The recommendation to indict was on tax evasion only. That’s because the more serious charge of accepting bribes fell through for lack of evidence. And although the police are calling the investigation “strenuous and complicated”, the Likud party released a statement saying sarcastically: “A week after Hirsch announced that he is joining the Likud, the police recommended he stand trial, that’s certainly a coincidence.”

“The deep-state within the police sent a message loud and clear: We appoint our commissioners and no one else” Levinger concluded.