Terrorist Caught Plotting Massive Bomb in Jerusalem was Released in Shalit Deal

They prepared a net for my feet to ensnare me; they dug a pit for me, but they fell into it (Psalm 57:7)

It has been released for publication that in June, the IDF in a joint effort with the Israeli police thwarted a massive bomb explosion that was set to detonate inside Jerusalem on Tuesday Kol Hayehudi reported. The force did this by arresting three Arab terrorists in Hebron that are affiliated with Hamas in connection with the planned bombing.

As it turns out, the terrorists were operating under the orders of 38-year-old Ramzi Aluk from the village of Aidah. Aluk was among the terrorists released in the 2011 Gilad Shalit deal. The bomb weighed 3 (6.6 lbs) kilograms and included dozens of metal fragments inside of it.

“In recent weeks, several Hamas military teams have been identified in the Judea and Samaria region,” the GSS said in a statement. “They were operating Hamas’ military arm in the Gaza Strip. Terrorist attacks were being prepared against targets in Israel as well as targets in the Palestinian Authority. Terrorists in Judea-Samaria were ordered to establish squads to execute kidnappings, shooting and stabbing attacks, to buy ammunition from the IDF and to identify and recruit additional terrorists. This was all under the instruction of the military arm of the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza” the statement said.

Another one of the terrorists caught was 22-year-old Tamar Rajbi. Rajbi is a student at the Polytechnic College in Hebron and is a known activist in the Hamas’ al-Qaeda al-Islamiya division. Rajbi recruited his classmate, 22-year-old Yusuf Atrash from the Rain village in Samaria. Atrash helped Rajbi purchase the necessary ingredients for the explosive device.