Temple Mount: Waqf Muslim Spits on Jew, Ends Up in Ambulance

The Presence of Hashem entered the Temple by the gate that faced eastward Ezekiel 43:4 (The Israel Bible™)

An agent with the Jordanian Waqf was detained on Wednesday morning on after he assaulted and injured a police officer who tried to arrest him on the Temple Mount on Wednesday. The incident started when the Waqf agent spat on Jewish pilgrims and attacked them reports Yisrael Hayom

The policeman also required medical attention. Additionally, the suspect himself was injured and required medical treatment after his information taken by the police.

Ofir Dayan of Students for the Temple Mount responded to the incident saying: “What happened yesterday was a clear demonstration of a total lack of sovereignty over the Temple Mount. Although Israel annexed east Jerusalem, the Temple Mount seems to have been left out of the equation.”

“As I speak I’m walking around the Temple Mount with 5 Waqf members escorting us. Now they are walking around as if nothing happened yesterday. It is absurd – no sanctions. The government is not even sovereign on this small patch of land” Dayan added.

Dayan then recalled Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan who denounced Israel’s security forces for entering the Temple Mount who said: “Do not provoke us”.

“There is a Muslim trend going around that thinks that we’re trying to attack Al Aqsa, which is false. The last few years saw a sharp incline in jews entering the Temple Mount, thousands of Jews” Dayan added.

The council of the Jordanian Waqf was expanded in February from 11 to 18. Most of the new members are affiliated with the Palestinian Authority like Adnan al-Husseini, who is responsible for the office that invests NIS 64 million from the Palestinian Authority into Jerusalem every year.

“The police’s job is to protect us, and if they can’t, they should figure out why. If they can protect us but choose not to, that’s even worse” Dayan added.

When asked if she thinks the Temple Mount will be open on the fast of Tisha’ B’Av, Dayan said: “Hopefully, the govt of Israel will be reminded that its the holiest site in Jerusalem for Jews and hopefully for more than four hours.”