Following Temple Mt. Riots: Jordan Summons Israel Ambassador for Reprimand

The Kohanim brought the Aron Brit Hashem to its place underneath the wings of the cherubim, in the Shrine of the House, in the Holy of Holies (Kings 1 8:6)

It has been cleared for publication that after thousands of Jerusalem Arabs rioted on the Temple Mount injuring four Israeli police officers, Israel’s Ambassador to Jordan, Amir Weisbrod, was summoned for a reprimand by the Hashemite Kingdom reports 0404 News.

Additionally, the Jordanian Foreign Ministry condemned “continued Israeli violations” at the “Al-Aqsa mosque” on the Temple Mount on Sunday .

During the rebuke, the Jordanians clarified to the Israeli ambassador that “the Temple Mount is a place for Muslim worship only” and that they condemn the allowance of Jews onto the holy site.

On the 9th of Av last Sunday, the Arabs entered the Temple Mount freely and then engaged in violent riots. However, Jewish access to the Mount was permitted for a very short period of time after they were banned and then banned again for three days following the events.

After the police allowed Jewish pilgrims to ascend the mount, the Muslims renewed their violent riots on the holy site after approving access to Jewish worshipers and fearing for their safety, the entrance to the Jews was blocked once more.

The humiliating reprimand comes just two weeks after a group of Jewish worshipers were kicked out of the Tomb of Aaron. The tomb is near Petra which is in southern Jordan. When that happened, the Jordanian authorities confiscated all visible Jewish religious articles and subsequently closed the site for visitors indefinitely after local onlookers photographed the prayer service.

Following that indecent, a report came out saying that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested a meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah and that the king turned down his request.

Meanwhile, the director General of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition, Mudar Zahran, came out saying that King Abdullah is plotting a third intifada.