Days After Hamas Threat of Rocket Barrages, Islamic Jihad Fires Rockets Into Israel

“He will rain down upon the wicked blazing coals and sulfur; a scorching wind shall be their lot.” Psalms 11:5 (The Israel Bible™)

Two rockets were fired at Israel in the past 48 hours from the Gaza Strip.

The first was on Wednesday evening, with the Israeli Air Force retaliating by striking Hamas naval targets in northern Gaza; the second was launched early Thursday morning. The rockets each landed in an open field. No injuries or damage has been reported.

Six rockets have been launched from Gaza towards southern Israel within the last week.

The Israel Defense Forces has blamed the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad group for the recent spate of violence from the Gaza Strip.

“We do not plan to accept terror attacks and rocket fire against our citizens,” the IDF’s Arabic-language spokesperson said.

Israel holds Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, responsible for any rocket attack from the territory, even ones carried out by other groups.

“Hamas, as the ruler of the Strip, must enforce its authority over Islamic Jihad and prevent these terror attacks and plots,” said Adraee.

The leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, said last Tuesday that during the next round of fighting between Israel and Hamas the terrorist organization would rain “hundreds of rockets” on the Jewish state at a time. Hamas claimed in June to have overwhelmed Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system with concentrated rocket salvos.