Report: Trump’s Peace Plan Will Send 100,000 “Palestinians” to Canada

Speak to B’nei Yisrael and say to them: When you cross the Yarden into the land of Canaan you shall dispossess all the inhabitants of the land Numbers 33:51 (The Israel Bible™)

While many wonder what Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century‘ involves, an Arab media outlet called Al Akhbar has reported that Canada will be ready to take in 100,000 ‘Palestinians’ (40,000 Palestinians from Lebanon and 60,000 Palestinians from Syria). The report also includes an additional 16,000 to Spain.

As an initial step, Canada might agree to absorb”refugees”. Other rumors have been circulating that President Trump is exerting  pressure on other countries to accept Arab immigrants from Israel as a means to advance a resolution to the conflict.

This can offer a partial solution for many on Israel’s left who often lament that if Israel annexes Judea and Samaria, it will create a demographic time-bomb whereby the new Arab citizens will simply vote Israel out of existence without firing a single shot.

It should be noted that former MK Moshe Feiglin once discussed the notion of migration for Arabs in Judea and Samaria into Canada with then prime minister Stephen Harper. Feiglin said that Harper responded positively to the idea.

Feiglin took to Facebook sharing the Channel 20 report saying: “In the western world, there is a negative birthrate. Therefore, they are in need of manual labor. The question is not who will build the sky scrapers in Toronto but rather immigrants from Sudan who know to build mud huts or those who built the Azrielli skyscrapers who come with a wealth of sophisticated knowledge in construction.”

Feiglin then implied that the idea was stolen from his platform.  The Palestinian Authority has of yet not responded to the reports.

Canada has denied the reports with Mathieu Genest, press secretary for the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada telling the JPost that “Canada is a welcoming country to people from around the world, but it is important that people rely on accurate information before starting their journey,” Mathieu Genest, press secretary for the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada .