Israeli Arrested for Assaulting Arab. His Alibi: Being Interrogated by the Same Police who Arrested him

A dullard vents all his rage, But a wise man calms it down Proverbs 29:11 (The Israel Bible™)

In a colossal embarrassment to the Israeli police, Yehuda Ben Shushan, a resident of Yitzhar was summoned by the Judea-Samaria Police on suspicions of assaulting an Arab. There’s just one problem: He was being interrogated by the same police during the date and time of the attack that he was suspected of committing reports Ynet.

On July 30, 22-year old Ben Shushan was being investigated by the Israeli police in the Benyamin district.

According to the police, a Palestinian Arab who was attacked identified Ben Shushan from a photo and claimed that Ben Shushan was the one who assaulted him. Slightly confused, Ben Shushan reminded the police that on the date that the offense was committed (July 18), he was under investigation and being interrogated at the same station, with the exact same detective. 

“‘You interrogated me, I was here,'” Ben-Lushan responded to the detective. “How can I be here at that time and also where the attack took place?” he added.

After he revealed his alibi, the detective left the interrogation room, checked his alibi and then came back inside and released him. Ben-Shushan’s ironic alibi was verified. And so it turns out that the alibi for his non-involvement in the assault is none other than the very detective sitting in front of him.

The story doesn’t end here. The original reason why Ben-Shushan was investigated previously (on July 18) was also that he was identified by an Arab regarding another attack in the Bat Ayin area. In this particular case, the police say that the investigation is still ongoing.

“Here we can clearly see that the central unit of the Sh”y (Police) District is a specialized factory for witch-hunting male settlers in Judea and Samaria via police reports,” said attorney Avihai Hagbi of the Honenu organization which represents Ben Shushan.

The Israeli police said in response: “Any complaint received by the police and any suspicion of committing a criminal offense is being thoroughly investigated and checked. During this investigation, the suspect reported his version, and accordingly, the suspicion against him was dropped and he was released.”