Did Ilhan Omar Just Call for Netanyahu’s Assassination?

For they schemed against You; they laid plans, but could not succeed Psalms (21:12)

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D, MN) said that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s “existence” a problem in an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation program.

A political analyst who asked not to be named interpreted her statements to Breaking Israel News saying: “Based on her sentiments, one can only conclude that the solution to this ‘problem’ would be for Netanyahu to cease to exist. This would mean that according to Omar, the Israeli Prime Minister would have to die. And she makes this declaration publicly. This is nothing less than a dog whistle calling for Netanyahu’s assassination.”

“I certainly hope that the people of Israel make a different decision. And my hope is that they recognize that his existence, his policies, his rhetoric really is contradictory to the peace that we are all hoping that that region receives and receives soon,” Omar told host Margaret Brennan.

Omar, a politician who introduced pro-BDS legislation in congress was denied entrance into Israel on a “fact-finding” mission along with her colleague, Rashida Tlaib (D, MI) in August.

Omar then hosted a press conference where she blasted the Netanyahu government for suppressing her freedom of expression.

Earlier this month, Breaking Israel News exposed a relationship between the government of Turkey and Ilhan Omar whereby the state-run media outlet called upon Turks to help fund Omar’s election campaign.