Miracle: Tank Missile Fired from Egypt Narrowly Misses Synagogue in Israel

For He will order His angels to guard you wherever you go (Psalm 91:11)

Spillover from the war in Sinai: A mortar shell landed on Saturday morning in the southern Israeli town of Bnei Netzarim near the Israeli-Egyptian border, causing damage to vehicles and to a civilian structure in the town reports Maariv. Miraculously, the attack did not cause any casualties. 

Israeli police bomb technicians arrived at the scene and safely disposed the mortar shell. At this point. Security sources are reporting that the indecent is collateral damage from Egypt’s war against ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula.

Friday night night, ISIS terrorists attacked Egyptian military personnel, killing 19 soldiers and wounding others. According to Amak News, the official media outlet of the terrorist organization, an ISIS cell in Egypt raided an installation in the Bir al Abed region of ​​the peninsula. The terrorists reportedly arrived on the scene in motorcycles and vans, rushed the soldiers, set fire to the outpost, stole their arms and then fled the scene.

The Egyptian army responded to the attack in the Sinai Peninsula. According to a statement from the Egyptian Ministry of Defense, the country’s Air Force jets scrambled killing over 100 ISIL terrorists. The Al-Sisi eulogized the troops that were killed in the attack and posted on his Facebook page: “terrorism is still trying to hijack the homeland, but we stand firm and we fight it with all the strength and faith we have and we will win with the help of God and the powerful Egyptian army.”

“The anti-terrorist campaign is not over and it will not end without the people’s determination to eliminate terrorism in all its forms” the Egyptian president added. He also said: “The top priority for the Egyptian nation is the eradication of terrorism.”