Media Coverup: Arab Stabs Israeli Girlfriend, Leaves her Dying in Street Following Break-Up

The angel of Hashem said to her further, “Behold, you are with child And shall bear a son; You shall call him Ishmael, For Hashem has paid heed to your suffering. He shall be a wild ass of a man; His hand against everyone, And everyone’s hand against him; He shall dwell alongside of all his kinsmen.” Genesis 16 11-12

A 39-year old woman was found with multiple stab wounds throughout her body on Bosem Street in Ashdod on Tuesday reports Ashdod Net.

At 23:48 on Tuesday, police received a report that a man attacked a woman on Perfume Street in the city’s industrial zone. Police forces quickly located the suspect (36) and arrested him. The woman (39) was evacuated for medical treatment at Assuta Hospital and is listed in critical condition. Police and forensic investigators at the scene began collecting findings. The suspect was arrested and questioned at the police station.

And although mainstream Israeli media sources are claiming that the background of the attack was criminal in nature, new reports are showing a different picture completely.

Social media celebrity Hatzel (Shadow) reports that the victim, a 30-year-old Jewish Israeli was out on an electric bike with the suspect and boyfriend, an Arab. After telling him that she wants to break up with him, he stopped the bike, pulled out a knife and slashed her face and stabbed her.

Police found the victim dying in the street. At that point, she pointed in the direction of the suspect and the police immediately caught him fleeing the scene.

Following his post, Ashdod Net quickly updated the story admitting that the suspect was a “minority” which in Israel is a code word for ‘Arab’.

There are many incidents throughout Israel of Jewish-Israelis who fall in love with Arab men and often end up as either hostage inside Arab villages or dead. Last month Breaking Israel News reported on a story of a mother and daughter who were reunited after her Jewish-Israeli mother ran away from her abusive Muslim husband in Gaza.