UN in Danger of Going Bankrupt by End of Month

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The United Nations is looking at a “severe shortage of cash”, and might be unable to continue carrying out its tasks. That’s because certain member states are not paying their dues reports Euronews.

UN chief António Guterres said that the international body was facing the worst cash crisis in almost a decade, and is that it is also risking not being able to pay its staff and vendors.

The only permanent members of the UN security council who hasn’t paid its bills is the United States.

US President Donald Trump has often decried the amount the US contributes to the UN’s annual budget. That’s because the US recently paid approximately 22% of the operating budget. It was also responsible for 28% of the peacekeeping budget.

A UN spokesperson said that 129 of the 193 countries have now paid their annual fees, but the rest must pay their share “urgently and in full”.

The United Nations has a reputation of hostility towards Israel with more condemnations of the Jewish state than all other countries combined since the establishment of the United Nations Human Rights Council back in 2006. Between the years of 1967-1989 the UN Security Council passed 131 resolutions directly addressing the Arab–Israeli conflict.

Last month, Breaking Israel News reported that PA chairman Abbas stood in front of the UN and declared that he would pay terrorist salaries even if he has one penny left.