Trump Wishes Netanyahu a Happy Birthday

For through me your days will increase, And years be added to your life. Proverbs 9:11 (The Israel Bible™)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu turned 70-years-old on Monday October 21. Among the well-wishers was none other than his long-time confidant and colleague, President Donald Trump.

Birthday card from Trump to Netanyahu (courtesy: Facebook)

In a letter penned to the Israeli Premier, Trump wrote:

Dear Mr Prime Minister:

Happy 70th birthday!

There has never been a more productive time in the Israeli-American partnership, and I know there are many more victories to come.

Thank you for your strong leadership and loyal friendship. You are one of my closest allies and I look forward to the continued success we will have working together.

I send you my very best wishes for your year ahead.

On the letter, Trump also wrote in his own handwriting “You’re great.”

Netanyahu’s birthday coincided with the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah (celebration of the Torah). The holiday commemorates the end of Deuteronomy and the beginning of the book of Genesis.

On Tuesday night, hundreds of Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv to celebrate Netanyahu’s birthday. The event included performances and activities for kids.