Embarrassing Moment for Shabak: Forensics Confirm Aisha Al-Rawbi Wasn’t Killed by a Rock

A false witness will not go unpunished Proverbs 19:5 (The Israel Bible™)

A woman who the Shin Bet (GSS) claimed was killed by a rock thrown by a settler, and even claimed to have DNA evidence, could not have been killed by a rock according to a prognosis by the Institute of Forensics who documented that the strikes she received were inconsistent with that of a rock reports Srugim.

This humiliating development comes on the heels of the Duma affair whereby another falsely accused Jewish settler youth, Amiram Ben-Uliel, was jailed for several years for allegedly torching a house in the Arab village of Duma in 2016 which killed two parents and a child. But after it was revealed that the confessions were extracted under duress and that there was no other evidence tying the suspect to the crime other than that confession, the entire case fell apart.

Now, the minor who studied at Yeshivat Rahalim who was accused of the stone-throwing that killed Aisha a-Ravi was released on house arrest in by the District Court in Lod. The prosecution, however, is expected to request a delay in his release despite the revelation.

According to the director of the Israel Forensics Institute, Dr. Chen Kugel, explained that the victim Aisha Al-Rawbi’s head injury was inconsistent with that of a rock being thrown saying: “Two doctors supported my view that the skull injuries of the deceased shows very high energy impact and not that of a rock. One of these doctors also supported my view that there are, at least, two focal points. ”

The forensic scientists did not examine the actual body. Rather it was examined at a Pathological Institute in the Palestinian Authority, who determined that Al-Rawbi was killed by a cut from a rock. On that basis, the opinion of Kugel and his partners was formed.

In January, a 16-year-old minor from Samaria was indicted for “manslaughter in terrorist circumstances, throwing a stone at a vehicle in aggravated terrorist circumstances, and speeding with a vehicle in terrorist circumstances.”