Ultra-Orthodox Girl who Ran Away with Arab Mysteriously Dies

But they answered, “Should our sister be treated like a whore?” Genesis 34:31 (The Israel Bible™)

A report was received by the Jerusalem area Magen David Adom of a girl who was found unconscious in Bet Safafa, an Arab village in southern Jerusalem. MDA paramedics who arrived at the scene pronounced her dead on arrival.

Miriam Peretz z”l (courtesy: Police spokesperson)

The murdered teenage girl was raised in a haredi (ultra-orthodox) family and was lured into becoming a drug addict by a 60 year old Arab man with a long criminal record including 13 arrests reports Mynet.

The anti-assimilation group Lehava, tries to rescue her from her new Arab associates. According to the organization’s director, Bentzi Gopstein, one of his staff members, Rabbi Aryeh met with her, and pleaded with her to leave her Arab pimp and to come back home. According to Gopstein, she looked at the rabbi and said: “I’m not interested, I’m fine, don’t pry into my life.” Gopstein then reported: “This morning, they found her body h”yd.” ‘Hy’d’ is an acronym for Hashem Yakud damah (May God avenge her blood) implying that she was murdered. Since that tweet was published, Gopstein was blocked from Twitter. Other reports claimed that there were signs of violence on her body.

Although the reason for her death is still unclear, a police investigation revealed that the deceased was Miriam Peretz, a 17-year old resident of Jerusalem, who authorities had been searching for over the past few days. Peretz was raised in an ultra-orthodox household but rejected the lifestyle and ran away with an older Arab man.

Gopstein’s censored tweet ( Twitter)

The girl had a history of using hard drugs and was “mentally unstable”. According to her search party report, Peretz was suffering from medical issues and was being treated with pills.

Her body was taken to the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine, and she will be buried today at 2:15 pm from Mount Menuchot.