Top Middle East Expert: Rabin’s Assassination was Inside Job

But let justice well up like water, Righteousness like an unfailing stream. Amos 5:24 (The Israel Bible™)

At a Likud event close to the 24th anniversary of the assassination of Israel’s fifth Prime Minister, Yitchak Rabin, Arabic sholar and lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, Mordechai Kedar, called the assassination an inside job and urged the government to open an investigation into the matter.

Rabin was killed following a ‘peace rally’ in Tel Aviv in 1995. Although many conspiracies have been surfacing regarding the circumstances of his death, this marks the first time that such a highly respected Middle East expert has come out with such a claim.

In his speech, Kedar explained: “The man who murdered Rabin’s name has the initials Y.R (not Yitzchak Rabin). The person who stood behind the operation is apparently a leading political figure who wanted to kill Yitzchak Rabin because he (Rabin) wanted to abandon the Oslo Accords.”

Regarding the mainstream Israeli media’s portrayal of Rabin’s death being the responsibility of the right, Kedar called to “to delete the headlines and publicize the false and secret documentation that don’t add up to the theory that the right killed Rabin.”

“The time has come – 24 years, the right has been demonized, that my university, Bar-Ilan has been demonized” addressing the right wing crowd he added “We are all being demonized because of something that perhaps Yigal Amir (the alleged killer) did not do.”

Commenting on Amir’s prison conditions, Kedar added that: “He is sitting in prison in solitary confinement! Why in solitary?…So that he won’t reveal the truth to anyone.”

Calling for a serious investigation, Kedar concluded saying “ladies and gentleman, we need a a true investigation regarding Rabin’s assassination.”