Jewish and Christian Archaeologist Team Venture to Jordan Valley in Search of Temple

Jewish archaeologist Dr. David Ben Shlomo and Christian professor Dr. Ralph Hawkins follow the footsteps of legendary archaeology Adam Zertal in their journey to uncover Biblical remains in the southern Jordan Valley.

The project began in 2017 when the two scholars excavated a site nearby called Khirbet Al Caifa which they suggested was associated with the Settlement period.
However now, the two believe that they have found a settlement from the period of the Judges. or the early Iron age.
“We excavated the case-mate wall from the Iron Age from the period of the Kingdom of Israel maybe in the ninth century BC with many vessels in a destruction layer complete vessels and some areas of activity also from the
same a period, which is a more less what we expected” explained Hawkins.
“But this give brings us and it’s proved also the site was an iron age sight. We have a very similar wall designed to what’s at Khirbet Caiafa. The walls look very similar just sites like in Beer Sheva stratum 2 and Arad other forts sites out on the fringes of the kingdom had temples. So it’s possible Caiafa does not have a temple” he added.
Describing their findings, Dr Hawkins appears to be anticipating a different kind of find noting that: “It has a cultic area. This is in the later period during the temple period so we might expect to find the temple here like like they did at (the southern cities of) Arad or Beer Sheva.”