Arab Mother of Six Terrorists Gets Praise from Palestinian Authority

“But as for you, come closer, You sons of a sorceress, You offspring of an adulterer and a harlot!” Isaiah 57:3 (The Israel Bible™)

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh was so taken with Um Nasser Abu Hmeid, the mother of six terrorists serving a total of 18 life sentences for collectively murdering a total of ten Israelis, that he paid her a visit.

The prime minister said at the meeting in the end of October, “I convey to you the blessings of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas, and emphasize to you that we will remain loyal to our commitments to our prisoners and Martyrs and their families, and this is at the heart of our priorities and concerns and we will build what the occupation destroyed.” He added: “Um Nasser is a school for patience and we learn perseverance and resolve from her, and Allah willing the day will come when we will visit you in your home in Jerusalem.”

As promised in his speech, Shtayyeh’s admiration was expressed in a tangible fashion. After her son, Islam Abu Hmeid, murdered Israeli staff sergeant Ronen Lyubarsky in 2018, the Israeli High Court ordered the IDF to destroy the family’s four-story house. It was revealed a few weeks ago that the PA has undertaken the reconstruction of the family’s house.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported that the PA pays salaries to the 5 terrorist sons currently serving prison sentences and by paying a monthly allowance to the family for a sixth son who died as “a Martyr” after murdering an IDF soldier. As part of the PA’s “Pay-for-Slay” reward program, it pays the family $10,800 per month. Over the years, through September 2019, the PA has paid the family at least $1,110,498.

Abu Hmeid has been dubbed the “Palestinian Al Khansa.” Al-Khansa was a 7th-century Arabic poet who was a contemporary of Muhammad and eventually converted to Islam. All four of her sons were killed in the Battle of Qadisiyah.

Not only is Abu Hmeid an exemplary mother by Palestinian standards but she is also a uniquely Palestinian grandmother. Her son, Nasr Abu Hmeid, who is is serving 4 life sentences for his involvement in the murder of 4 Israelis, smuggled his sperm out of jail to impregnate his wife. Abu Hmeid stated that “her sons have achieved ‘victory’ in all of their battles against the occupation and Yaman [her grandson] is an additional victory.”