A navy patrol boat spotted a Russian submarine three months ago about 8 miles from the coast of Israel reports Ynet. Israel’s territorial waters stretch 12 nautical miles offshore.

The IDF refused to comment on whether or not the sub compromised Israel’s security interests and also wouldn’t comment on the duration of the sea craft’s presence.

After identifying the submarine, Israel’s naval officers contacted their Russian counterparts, activating the naval coordination mechanism through via the General Staff Planning Division. The mechanism is similar to that of the armies which has been battle tested in Syria. The submarine left the area westward into the depths of the Mediterranean.

A Russian submarine’s presence in Israel’s territorial waters can entail long-term consequences. That’s because the sub is a vessel used for intelligence gathering. Russia has gone to great lengths to intervene in the region following Syria’s civil war.

In a rather vague statement, the IDF spokesman responded to the report saying: “Sometimes, naval targets are noticed by the Navy that might be perceived to be a foreign military vessel.”

In 2018, Breaking Israel News reported on a Russian military plane carrying 14 servicemen was shot down over Syria. Moscow blamed Israel who claimed that it was a Syrian anti-aircraft missile that did it.