The House of Prayer for All Nations and the Coming of Messiah – A Modern Perspective

The 70 Nations Organization is the Sanhedrin organized Biblically mandated new United Nations platform using Biblical law as a standard in an International Court of Justice for All People. This Organization was founded in 5779 on eve of the New Year 5780 by the Sanhedrin .

Echad b’Echad: One in the One

“Even those I will bring to My Holy Mountain and make them Joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My alter; for My house will be called a House of prayer for All the peoples” Isaiah 56:7

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Ernesto Teodoro Moneta coined the now common  phrase

“In Varietates Concordia, In Varietates Unitas” which meaning  Unity In Diversity.

Unity in diversity means a Oneness in the Varieties focusing on the existence of unity even after difference in culture, social, physical, linguistic, religious, political ideological, and or psychological  differences towards a more complex unity based on an understanding that difference enriches human interactions. It is an expression of harmony and unity between dissimilar groups. What could be a more appropriate way to understand the soon to be built Third Temple which will be a House of prayer for All Nations.

The Third Temple not only a fulfilment  of ancient prophecy still very alive in modern Israel will display this ideal by welcoming all people from all Nations, Tribes and Tongues to worship the One God of Israel  who is the unifier of All things. Make no mistake, it is the One God of Israel, the Echad b’Echad, the One in the One, the God of the daily Shema prayed by Jews worldwide (and others at time) “Hear Oh Israel God, our God is One” (Deut. 6:4) .  At least this is my perspective.

The God of Israel, the only true God is  the One God and Creator of All, who holds all the entire reality together who will be the Unifier of All Nations.  It will be God who will welcome all people near and far to come together in Unity to Worship in the Third Temple.

This will be THE House of Prayer for all Nations which will be greater than any of the former Temples .  This Temple will not be built to display riches or stature, this Temple be will built by the very hearts of all people who wish to see Israel and Her people restored to the Davidic vision and promises of Gd. However, it won’t be with a great pillar of fire nor a cloud of light by the night, it will be by and through the heart of those who will rise to the occasion against all odds that exist within themselves to choose love over hate and unity over division. The coined phrase Unity in Diversity will be seen as a perfect ground for respect of culture and religious difference in the search for truth  and the pursuit of happiness. After all, haven’t we read many stories over the course of history that shows us time and time again, our ways are not God’s and his thoughts way above the thoughts of man ( Isaiah 55:8-9)

King David, the young shepherd boy who became King was anointed and declared as one “most like the heart of Gd” and was given the promise of an everlasting dynasty of rule, reigning over the People of God because  “the Lord had sought out a man after his own heart” 1 Samuel 13:14. While there are many traditions as to what this means even today the simplest way to understand this is that God desired a heart like his in order to establish his Kingdom. Reading more into this we can say innocently that a pure heart is most like the heart of Gd who IS PURE. Often, pureness means innocence not necessarily intelligence. We see this in the laws of family purity, in modestly and in young children who do things that seem right to them but are often learning opportunities in life to understand discernment of the difference between right and wrong in the eyes of God.

We see this in the motives of Saul, who was the first King of Israel appointed by the people rather than Gd who foolishly  kept not the commandments of Gd and was told his kingdom would not continue by Gd after his choices never evolved to a discernment for what was truly right in the eyes of God proving his leadership was worthless. This also revealing the importance of intention of the heart over all other qualities of intelligence alone and what was needed to rule a people of Gd within His will and  authority.

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One has to ask why then since that prophetic utterance by Samuel long ago , has the DAVIDIC DYNASTY suffered so to the point of 2000 with no reigning King over the chosen people of Gd? What about those promises of Gd? Did we lose heart? Did Gd lose heart against the Jewish people?  Some say yes, we did. Others say no Gd has always been around but in new ways. That topics will be explored in articles later but yes, while we await the forthcoming Messiah of Israel and the rebuilding of the Third Temple, hope is being reborn and a new look at what the heart of Gd really encompasses.

While we wait we also await the sign of the heart most like Gd this King will have. Will we recognize it? According to our holy pages, the  holy Third Temple that will be a House of Prayer for all Nations filled with those who truly love Gd. Who will be able to come together in unity to worship the One, the Echad b’Echad, unifier of All Nations? How will that look? I it believe will start and has already started not only with the help of the Holy One but with the Hearts of all people, the heart of God embodied and always present within the promises of David.  Gds heart has never abandoned us and has only been exiled in realization until such a time its value could truly be appreciated.

This Heart, spread out over all the land in all peoples is what  we hope the Mashiach will also be and be able to reflect to all those who truly, like David have a pure heart of intention that is not biased, not selective and certainly not proud but is a welcoming heart to all those who will come together to create unified field of One. The Echad  b’Echad. One in the One. It will be a collective heart most like Gds that enables everyone who comes to say

Blessed is the “One” who comes IN the Name of the Lord: YOU
See you there, soon!!!